Connor McGarr, Founder | Organizer (@33y0re)

Connor is a red team security professional who enjoys low level challenges, Windows internals, exploit development, and vulnerability research. He is passionate about getting others involved within information security, and you can always find him with WinDbg open.

Grant Collins, Organizer (@collinsinfosec)

Grant is Cybersecurity student at Southeast Missouri State, studying Cybersecurity. Grant maintains his Security+ certification, as well as his YouTube channel, where he documents and shares his learning journey as a student pursuing cybersecurity as a career.

Jonathan Johnson, Organizer (@jsecurity101)

Jonathan is a consultant, with a focus on adversary detection, at SpecterOps. Jonathan’s passion for data analytics, technology extraction, and reverse engineering pushes him to contribute to and create open source projects. He maintains a blog that can be found here.